Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The 30th

I know I said I was going to find a job. I just haven't gotten around to it. I am such a procrastinator. If I am aware of being a procrastinator, does it make it somewhat better? Or is it better to be unaware of your shortcomings?

At least I have a new excuse - US Open is on. USA channel is providing me hours and hours of tennis action all day and most of night.

The only problem is new fall shows are starting. I haven't even finished watching last season's shows. I love to surf through my 700 channels. There is always something to watch. I even have On-Demand. So if I miss a show - chances are I can watch it at another time. My on screen channel guide changed recently. The best part about the change is that I can search for a longer period of time. So I can create plenty of excuses.

I watched Prison Break last night. I wasn't going to add this show. But there have been a ton of articles about it in the papers recently - mostly because of the fact it is being filmed in Joliet. It wasn't bad. I'm not sure I will be making it must see but if schedule allows I will watch.

There are going to be a couple of problem nights on the new TV watching. I have fallen in love with Veronica Mars this summer and have already ordered the DVDs but there are other shows on at the same time.

Well since the matches on right now are not really important - I'm going to try and watch a couple of the eppies of last seasons shows on tape before I have to stop watching Lost all together. Can't wait for that DVD.


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