Thursday, November 10, 2005

I saw Bauhaus

Last night my cousin Mike took me to see Bauhaus at The Vic. And I do mean took me. He bought the tickets and the beer I drank.

It was a blast. They ended the show with Bela, also played Stigmata and Telegram Sam. No St. Vitus Dance, but I can't have everything.

The drummer was awesome. The guitarist [Daniel Ash?] was great. He did some really interesting things with a bow and with his acoustic guitar.

Peter Murphy was much better with Bauhaus than he was when Mike and I saw him to a solo show a couple of years ago.

The crowd was much older than I expected. Not many young'uns that I saw.

I did see some fashion disasters. The crowd was broken up into:
  • Looks like this all the time - blue/red spiky hair, leather, boots, corset
  • Old stand by - black t-shirt/sweater, jeans, Doc Martins [this was me]
  • Tried, but failed miserably - brown pleather jacket, rufflely blouse, kitten heels
  • Didn't even bother to try and too old to care - white t-shirt, puffy blue vest

Now usually the I don't cares don't bother me, but really, a white t-shirt and a puffy blue vest, at a Bauhaus concert. There is such a thing as dressing appropriately for the occasion. I did give Mike the thumbs up for his outfit - as he then pointed out it looked good for being a Banana Republic jacket and an Eddie Bauer sweater and some Diesel jeams with his Doc's.


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