Saturday, June 03, 2006

At least it's not 5 months

What's up? Let's see:

I had my interview. Still no word on who's been hired. The job was presented to me as a done deal if I wanted it... Maybe I got that wrong. It's an assistant for 2 people. I think one wants me, but the other doesn't. Who wins? I hope it's my gal. I would really like to have more money.

If I got the raise I am hoping for if I get the job, the first thing I want is an I-pod. I don't have one.

I actually made plans for tomorrow. It's a big deal. I tend to spend the weekend on my couch, watching TV and sleeping, which is what I did today.

I did clean my kitchen shelves. Not really clean but reorganize. I tossed out some really old food and some things I was never going to eat. I moved all the chocolate from over the stove. I've ruined some from the heat in the past. I tossed the frozen eggs from the fridge.

Now I need to go to the store. I was thinking of going tonight, but it's starting to get late, I could still go. Now I'm stitting here instead of going.

I must bake banana bread, but have to go to the store first... no eggs.

I made cherry kool aid tonight. Found when cleaning. It tastes of summer.


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