Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What Disney female am I?

You scored 57 Independence, 62 Romance, 67 Loyalty, and 62 Practicality! You are Jasmine! Although love is important to you, and you can be quite independent and brave, even more important than those things is your family. You wont obey what they say without question, as you do have a mind of your own and a very sharp one at that, but anyone wanting to win your heart would need the approval of your family first, and you aren't likely to cut off ties with them in a hurry. You wouldn't let your family make you miserable, but you love them dearly all the same. Love is only important if that person respects who you are and treats you as an individual rather than an object. You have a good strong life of your own, and won't let anyone dominate your firey spirit. You know that when people treat you as an equal, you are the best person they could possibly have on their side, but they better not lie to you or treat you as if you are stupid.


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