Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wow same month new update

I'm choosing not to do any work this morning and instead am going to vent here.

I actually got "talked" to this morning by my boss. Granted she thought it was ridiculous that she had to talk to me, but she did it none the less. Yesterday I wore a denim shirt to work! This actually had someone take the time to go find our boss and tattle on me. Well, not exactly tattle, because my boss and I talked a few times yesterday so she saw what I was wearing, but actually pointed out the fact that I was wearing a denim shirt. And that is against the dress policy?! Really people, someone took the time to tattle about my shirt. Two days ago a supervisor in the department practically had a meltdown because one of her employees wasn't wearing stockings! I commented to her that we as a department had bigger things to worry about, she didn't really appreciate that. EVERYONE MUST BE TREATED THE SAME - NOT FAIR, NOT FAIR. Lot's of people have been batting around the it's not fair line over and over. Yeah, it's not fair, get over it. Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and do your own job. If you didn't spend so much time complaining, you would have enough time to get your own work done. My friend who got me the job here actually said this is the worst place she has ever worked in terms of the petty complaints of the co-workers.

Still waiting to hear about the other job. The VP did mention to me [in front of my boss, who doesn't know anything about my interview] that the situation we discussed still is not resolved. So, I guess I'm still in the running? I would love to get out of this madness. Really I also want the raise the job offers. I want to buy a video I-pod, but have been waiting for the promotion.

My 72 year old uncle got his ass kicked last week. I know it's not funny, he did have to go to the emergency room by ambulance, but it is a little funny. He's fine and two days after the ass kicking he went on his vacation to Germany. He will have to go to court, there are some charges pending against him and his ass kicker. It's like my family has turned into an episode of Springer. The wedding next weekend should just be the icing on the cake of white trashy-ness. I don't think that Taco will be at the reception wearing his "BIG ASS" shirt like at the last family wedding. Yes, a man called Taco showed up at a wedding reception wearing jeans and a shirt that said "BIG ASS".

I actually have some chick in my office using the fax and dancing around in front of the machine.

Tomorrow we are having a department Pot Luck. We are all supposed to bring in food from our ethnic background. When I signed up, I listed my ethnic background as Midwestern. I did hear that someone is bringing in something Jewish. I still don't understand how Jewish became an ethnicity. I know that a lot of people think this, but really I don't get it. So I think I am bringing chicken of some sort to cook all morning in my Crock Pot. We don't really have a kitchen to use - just a small bar fridge and a very old microwave. Not very helpful when planning a pot luck. That's why I'm using my handy-dandy Crock Pot, you don't get more Midwestern that that.

I ended up watching all of AFI's movie countdown last night at our regular Wednesday night pizza. I was thinking it would be a quick dinner and back home. Instead Mary over slept and was really late and Kathy was engrossed by the countdown. Now of course I am an adult and could have left at any time, but I didn't. Then at 1:18 in the morning I got another late night fax call. It's so annoying and it wasn't the first late night fax.


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