Monday, November 15, 2004

Here is another I suck post.

I know it seems like I haven't been posting anything, but I have written a few very long posts and have lost them all. Two refused to post. Two I was trying to copy all [Ctrl + A] to copy to Word, proof, and re-post. Lost everything!

But here is the good news. The horrible, no good, very bad work partner is being DEMOTED!!!!!

I don't have to work with her anymore! She's not being fired, she's being moved to a no responsibility position. Someone will be telling her what to do and she will be watched like a hawk. I took Friday off and the shit hit the fan. I hear that Thursday night after everyone left her indirect boss and the COO went looking for some things in her desk and found AR checks that hadn't been passed on to the AR manager and a stack of vendor invoices that she had never processed. Even though she "had" to work last Saturday to catch up and was caught up with all her work and didn't have any outstanding invoices to process. I heard that the CFO wanted to fire her, but was overruled. And now since she is being transferred I think she will be reporting to him.

And the manager she has been f*cking was demoted too! He was the person who hired me 7 plus years ago. He used to be Manager of the entire department. Then he was demoted to just a regular old project manager and oversaw the tool room. Now he's got nothing. I still don't understand how he could stick around after they promoted someone who used to be under him to be his boss, but he did. Now they moved his girlfriend out of the department. And they think no one knows that they've got something going on.

And the Goober who I used to report to, who was promoted to "Director" and let the little power that he got go to his head... he got demoted too!

The only thing is, that I don't know that any of this is going on. Shhhh it's a big secret.

In honor of ODB - rest in peace big baby jesus

your Wu-Name is:

Inebriated Assistant

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