Thursday, September 15, 2005

I know who killed Lily

Well, I've actually known for quite a while, because I'm a spoiler whore!

But tonight I was able to see the final eppie for myself. I even screamed a couple of times. Now I have to wait 2 weeks for the second season finale and I have to wait a month for the DVD's.

But what's going on with Logan? Yes, I am a Logan 'shipper. He's hot. Supa hot. But I have also decided that Duncan has his fine points also. Coming into this so late, I can only go by the eppies I've seen and they were totally Logan centric.

So looking forward to Season 2. Tape Veronica - watch Lost.

Friday, September 02, 2005


Listening to: Ben Folds Songs For Silverman

Reflecting on the guilt trip I just got from my mother for not calling her back yesterday and not going to visit this weekend. Gosh, she's a little off balance the past few days. How can I explain that there is big BB6 doings this weekend. I missed the endurance comp 'cause I was at her house I don't want the chance to bitch about hours and hours of fish!

I went out driving today. I haven't been in my car for a couple of weeks. Man it was so dirty on the windshield. I parked under a tree and had sap and doodie all over. So I was driving and realized that:
  1. no one works - including me
  2. most people can't drive
  3. I miss driving
  4. when I go out driving, I spend money

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Since I am not getting anything else done, I am trying to update this a bit more frequently.

This morning my mother woke me up when she called at 9:50 a.m. What? I'm unemployed! She quickly realized that I was asleep and I got some heavy disapproval. Followed by you're coming down for Labor Day weekend? Well, no I wasn't, but since I was not awake, I am able to figure out my excuse for not driving down. Gas price, maybe? Other plans, not so far, but I might? Laziness, the truth, but not valid excuse.

I'm looking forward to Big Brother tonight. Since I finally have working, hi-speed computer, I am able to join the chat during the show. I was always so jealous to read about the wacky hi-jinks that happened during the chat and the great friendships that formed. Now I get to be a part of it. I even get a few good lines in at times.

So to get myself motivated, I made a list of chores to do today. So far I have even crossed some off. Then I turned on the computer.

My tennis boyfriend, Andy Roddick, lost his first round US Open match on Tuesday. His birthday. I am so sad (for me and for him) [it's all about me]. He even won the pre Open tournament which meant if he made it to the finals his prize money would be doubled! Now he's out. I could hardly watch any tennis yesterday and then there was a rain delay last night, so what did USA do? Yup, replayed the Roddick loss again. I couldn't take it.

How hot was Veronica Mars last night? I can't wait for my DVD's and the new season to start. I, for some reason, thought that this show would really suck and refused to watch. Boy, was I wrong on this one.

Also looking forward to getting the Lost series. I haven't seen the last few eppies, but more looking forward to the extras.