Monday, February 21, 2005

Monday President's Day

It's almost 11 o'clock. Since it is President's Day and should be a holiday from work, I am declaring my desk a work free zone. Well, not completely. I do have to do a few things, but mostly work free.

I am now waiting until I can run to Target to buy a $77 digital camera. And Wonderfalls on DVD on sale. Two great purchases! The digital camera is an investment so I can sell more crap, I mean very valuable merchandise, on e-bay. I just will have to figure out how to be able to load the pictures onto the computer. I also don't have a working camera anymore. My camera stopped flashing at some point, I could have or still could send it into Kodak, but I don't think it would be worth it anymore.

I had a wonderful weekend. The cat and I napped and slept. I made cookies and frosting. I watched my new Donnie Darko DVD - I enjoyed the director's cut more than the original, only because I actually could understand the movie more this way, but I wish the theatrical version was included too, so I could compare. When I bought the DVD on Friday, Best Buy had original DVD for only $9.99, I should check out the price at Target today also.

So this is my new etiquette question - I frequently read blogs of a certain group of people. Most of these people are loosely tied because of a TV show. I feel as they are friends of mine since I know a lot about them from their blogs and we as a "community" have been together for a couple of years, but they really don't know me because I can't participate in the frequent "chats" or IM's that tend to happen at night when I am not on the computer.

So this is my problem - I have noticed that some relationships have changed between some of these people. Nothing has been mentioned specifically, but I can tell that something has happened. Is it ok to ask what has happened? I know I have no business asking. I am not really a "friend", but I sense that there is a problem. Would it be totally inappropriate to ask? Or would my questions be viewed as concern or just curiosity?

Friday, February 18, 2005

Work is hell

I have been neglecting my blog writing. For one, I feel self conscious because I read such good writing on my "friends" sites. I get self-editing before I even start writing - so I never really get started before I give up. This has been a problem of mine since 1st grade when I had to write a story on a Snoopy worksheet and couldn't do it. I knew that everything that I was thinking of writing was crap and couldn't get anything down. It's never really gone away. I was hoping if I could get into the habit of just writing anything in this informal manner, maybe I would feel less self-conscious and be able to write more comfortably. Hasn't happened.

The other big reason is work. My company has been sold, then bought, and sold again. Now the former owner is trying to buy it back. He started telling everyone that he was buying it, we got new insurance, etc., we started ordering new stationary et. all. Then the deal fell through. Kerplunck! Whoops! Now our corporate owner isn't going anywhere. Now this is a good thing for me personally. I prefer the big corp with firm concrete rules and straightforward accounting. But, this is not a good thing for the company as a whole. See we are not really making enough money for the big corporation and its stockholders. Some people/many people are going to lose their jobs, possibly even me. I don't really want to lose my job, but some of my co-workers - I am using the term worker very, very loosely - really have been here too long and have been protected by the former owner. These people are scared shitless that they will be let go, sooner than later, and they should be. So things here at work are very tense.

I am looking forward to going home and watching Angel Season 5 and Ballykissangel Series 3 and my brand new Donnie Darko Director's Cut DVD.