Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What Disney female am I?

You scored 57 Independence, 62 Romance, 67 Loyalty, and 62 Practicality! You are Jasmine! Although love is important to you, and you can be quite independent and brave, even more important than those things is your family. You wont obey what they say without question, as you do have a mind of your own and a very sharp one at that, but anyone wanting to win your heart would need the approval of your family first, and you aren't likely to cut off ties with them in a hurry. You wouldn't let your family make you miserable, but you love them dearly all the same. Love is only important if that person respects who you are and treats you as an individual rather than an object. You have a good strong life of your own, and won't let anyone dominate your firey spirit. You know that when people treat you as an equal, you are the best person they could possibly have on their side, but they better not lie to you or treat you as if you are stupid.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I saw Bauhaus

Last night my cousin Mike took me to see Bauhaus at The Vic. And I do mean took me. He bought the tickets and the beer I drank.

It was a blast. They ended the show with Bela, also played Stigmata and Telegram Sam. No St. Vitus Dance, but I can't have everything.

The drummer was awesome. The guitarist [Daniel Ash?] was great. He did some really interesting things with a bow and with his acoustic guitar.

Peter Murphy was much better with Bauhaus than he was when Mike and I saw him to a solo show a couple of years ago.

The crowd was much older than I expected. Not many young'uns that I saw.

I did see some fashion disasters. The crowd was broken up into:
  • Looks like this all the time - blue/red spiky hair, leather, boots, corset
  • Old stand by - black t-shirt/sweater, jeans, Doc Martins [this was me]
  • Tried, but failed miserably - brown pleather jacket, rufflely blouse, kitten heels
  • Didn't even bother to try and too old to care - white t-shirt, puffy blue vest

Now usually the I don't cares don't bother me, but really, a white t-shirt and a puffy blue vest, at a Bauhaus concert. There is such a thing as dressing appropriately for the occasion. I did give Mike the thumbs up for his outfit - as he then pointed out it looked good for being a Banana Republic jacket and an Eddie Bauer sweater and some Diesel jeams with his Doc's.

Friday, November 04, 2005

1 of 2 pretty good odds

I have gone to exactly 2 job interviews. Now this doesn't count the I think 5 employment agencies that signed me up and then I never heard from again.

So after 2 actual interviews - I have a job. Networking works its magic again. A friend of mine from my last company - who jumped ship after I was downsized heard that I was still not working - recommended me for an opening at her new place of work. I - after procrastinating a bit - sent in the resume and promptly went out of town. But finally was able to get it together and go in for an interview. Now the interview was at 9 a.m. which was a bit of a problem. But the day before I got up at 8:30 to move my car, damn street cleaning, to prepare for this early morning encounter. I got to the HR department in plenty of time and filled out all the forms, again! I was their last interview for the position. I decided that this was pretty much a pity interview to placate my friend, but the first interview went really well - with the actual "boss", then I met with the HR recruiter. It was fine. I was sent off with a we will be making a decision in the next few days - a week at the most. OK fine.

Oh, by the way, the position start time is 7 am, do you have a problem with that? Inner monologue: Yes, I have a problem with that, could we make it 8:30 instead? Actual response: Nope, no problem.

So I drove off to take a nap. [which I never got, stupid cat]

A few hours later I got a call from the hospital [the jobs in a hospital] We would like to offer you the position! Silently jumping up and down follows. Here is the hourly rate [ ok ]. Would you like some time to consider? No fucking way! Gimme the job!

So now I will be employed. I have a physical? and drug test on Tuesday. Then I start on the following Monday. 7 a.m. Crap! 7 fucking a.m.

For 5 months I have been staying up until sometimes 3:30 a.m. and sleeping until 11:00-11:30 and now I have to be at work at 7 frickin' am. It's gonna take some adjustment.

My mom is thrilled. I really have to give my mom a lot of credit. She really has been a trouper about me laying around on my ass. She's really left me alone in regard to her worry. My uncle found it hilarious how much I was torturing her, but she really never told me.

She immediately called her best friend to tell her the good news. Sally is super excited for me to meet a nice doctor. Me, I just happy to be able to pay all my bills, she's marrying me off to a doctor.