Thursday, May 18, 2006

Catching up

I was reading over someone's new fancy blog and realized that I haven't written anything here in months.

Watching the new Old Navy commercial is entertaining, but it does everything but make me want to buy their clothes.

I can't believe the scuzzy hippies won Amazing Race after getting non-eliminated twice.

I wanted Joanie to win America's Next Top Model. At least the self-deluded hag Jade didn't win.

Grey's Anatomy's final made me feel skeevy. That sex scene was a bit much for me. Especially knowing the fact the Derek is totally married.

I still love Topher Grace. I think he is going to show up on the series finale of That 70's Show.

I have a ton of shows to watch. Including Season 3 of Scrubs.

I have an interview at work tomorrow for a promotion. My current boss doesn't know that her boss is trying to poach me. I really hope I get this, it would mean a 3-4 or more dollar raise.

If I get the promotion, I am running out to get a black 30 mg video ipod.

Off to the grocery.