Sunday, January 15, 2006

I have a new pet

My new time suckage mechanism is my Neo Pet. The only reason I found it - I read a forum about Jason Dohring [Logan on Veronica Mars] and found out that this was his dad's company.

So I have a pet and have to check on it everyday. I have to play games to get point to buy food and stuff. I know that this will occupy my time for a brief period and then just taper off, just like this blog.

Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year, Same ol blog

I figured since I was sitting here watching Celebrity Fit Club, I should take a moment to update the long lost blog.

I have been at my new job for almost 2 months. Of course, it never goes smoothly. The 7 a.m. start time sucks, but since I get home early, I sometimes take a nap.

OK now off to eat lunch and continue Kingdom of Heaven.