Saturday, July 30, 2005


I don't understand myself. I have a summer of freedom. I now have a computer in my house. I have a high speed connection. I paid for the feeds.

Now I'm not at all interested in watching the hamsters. I haven't even bothered to read most of the feed recaps.

Now if I was working, I would be dying to keep up with the goings on. I would be refreshing the feed recaps all day long.

I'm not sure if its the hamsters or me?

Saturday, July 16, 2005

I got it

I got my Harry Potter! It just got delivered by my mailman!

Too much to choose from! I don't know what to do!
  • read my new book
  • watch the BB feeds
  • read the live feed recaps that I have missed
  • read Veronica Mars recaps on TWOP [I finally have seen a couple of eppies]
  • clean house of empty boxes
  • put up stuff for sale on e-bay
  • make stupid lists instead of choosing something
  • eat food
  • research places to get rid of old [I mean old] computers
  • install my microsoft office
  • call my mother
  • work on my resume
  • find a job
  • fill out my rebate forms


I finally am now plugged in at home.

I broke down and bought a computer, monitor, printer, battery backup, modem, and broadband connection for my home. I am now broke.

I am using this as incentive to look for a job, because I have to have a job or I will be homeless.

Here's my embarrassing story about buying the computer. I went to Best Buy - actually 2 because the first didn't have the computer I wanted in stock - and picked out everything. Signed up for the internet to be connected - I got free stuff if I did it at the store - and tried to check out. My card was declined! He tried it again, still declined. I didn't bring anything else with me - no check no other credit card. It sucked. I called the bank, it turns out that I have a daily limit on my card! I didn't know about that! So finally they upped my limit so I could buy everything. While this was happening - the Geek guy had already started setting up the CPU. He had to stop! The sales guy was nice about it, but I was mortified. Now it is all set up and I realize that I don't have a floppy drive. I went for the cheapest, but what CPU doesn't have a disk drive? So I'm back to the store for writable discs and off to my friends computer to copy my resumes from floppy to discs.

So I have to be careful not to spend all my time on the new system. Watching and reading about Big Brother.